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It was 2008 when I decided to put my technical skills and passion for small business to use. I’ve always been an avid supporter of small businesses, helping in any small way I could. Combining this spirit with the technical skills I’d worked on over the years was the perfect move for me. Everything just felt right. Being able to utilize my “techie” expertise in order to help small businesses grow and thrive was an exciting concept, and I have worked for years on perfecting the strategies to make this work for myself, as well as the people I take on as clients.

As I was building and growing my company, I gained more experience in the areas that I noticed my clients needed the biggest push in. Designing and developing a website is just the start of things, of course. Things have changed a lot since 2008, and it is important to change with the times and take advantage of every tool available to flourish. Social media is more relevant now than ever without a sign of diminishing in demand. Search Engine Optimization is just as important as it has always been, and with important tools being so easily available for analysis of both content integrity/effectiveness and user experience, it would be silly to let things like this slip by unnoticed. I focus on results.

These days, I handle everything from website design, business consultation, branding, graphic design, content writing, search engine optimization, website analysis, print design, email marketing, and social media campaigns. I find the right plan for the right budget, putting your money in what will yield the best results and most effective return on your investment. After all, that is what I consider my services; an investment, not just another cost. Whatever you might need, Average Bear can provide you with what you need to make your business succeed. I’m always easy to work with, affordable, fast, and reliable. So make the right call, and give Average Bear a call today.



Dan Williams

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