Call Average Bear Design and discuss your needs

I'm available to take your call at any time. We'll talk about your needs for your project and I'll walk you through the process and figure out what your goals are.


We come up with ideas for your project together

We'll discuss details about what you need and the best, most affordable way to make it happen. If you already have some ideas for how you want things done, or if you need help figuring it all out, this is where we come up with a plan and how to reach your target audience.


Provide any content or images you have

What kind of information will the target audience be looking for on your site? Do you have images and information written already? If not, Average Bear Design can help with this as well.


Let Average Bear work on what we've discussed

We both sign a simple contract that sets up expectations from both parties. Using the information we discussed, I'm ready to start structuring the project and designing. I start creating something for you to actually see.


Average Bear Design provides you with a mockup

At this point I will design a mock-up for you to look at. This will be a preliminary idea of the way the project will look, feel, and function. Through the process, there might be small changes you want here and there.


Revisions are discussed and then made

Your project will be customized to fit exactly what you’re looking for. Through the process we will fix any small details you want changed. You can see your project in front of you and figure out what can make it better. As soon as everything is up to your expectations, we’re ready to go!!!


You approve the final product

We go through the project together in detail and make sure everything is finished and to your complete satisfaction. If you have any final revisions, I'll be able to get those done and get your final approval before the final product is delivered.


Make your final payment

Now that you have approved the project and are completely satisfied, you'll be able to make your final payment, as agreed upon in the contract, and we can get your project up and running!


Average Bear delivers the finished product!

Finally, your project is ready to go. Once you have made all of your final revisions, and you've made the final payment, it is time to launch your website, get your project printed, and anything else we've planned along the way!


A copy of your website and materials will be provided to you

Finally, I make sure you have a copy of your website and all materials for backup purposes. I can either email you a ZIP folder with all your files, or give you a hard copy of the website on a disk to be mailed.